Check out what I am stacking! The most important one that is.


  • Laptop

    15" Macbook Pro (2015) 2.2Ghz Intel core i7 16 GB Ram
    The senior workhorse. Still packs a punch even after 4 years. Who needs dongle when you have all the ports!
  • Mouse

    Logitech MX Master
    The mouse badass mouse ever. Side-scroll wheel. What?!
  • Keyboard

    Leopold FC660C Topre Keyboard
    The most satisfying keyboard I have ever typed with. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. Topre > Cherry MX > Apple Keyboard. Fight me.


  • IDE

    Github's Atom
    Love Atom to bits. Customisable plugins and themes. I have a terminal + github all integrated within atom so pushing codes live is a breeze. It would be the perfect IDE if it had Intellisense (I'm looking at you Visual Studio Code).
  • GIT

    Github Desktop
    What a world it would be without git. I wouldn't bore you the details about what git is (for the uninitiated, just google git) but this is my go-to gui for checking changes of other developer wizards. I would usually pull and push directly inside Atom itself.
  • Browser

    Google Chrome
    My go-to development browser. Add Vue's devtool on Google Chrome for Vue.js application and you are all set!

Development Tools

  • Javascript framework

    Vue.js / Nuxt.js
    Vue is my go-to framework for building user-interface and front-end wizardry. I've worked with other frameworks like jQuery, Angular 1.0 and React but I got stuck with Vue because it is just so easy to get started with. It does not have a huge learning curve like React and Angular 2.0 and I personally would recommend you to try it! Once you the gist of it, proceed to nuxt! This site is built using Nuxt.js
  • CSS Framework

    Bootstrap 3/4
    For fast building of websites, this is my go to CSS Framework. It is responsive out of the box and it comes with fundamentals UI components to get started with. Specifically, I would use BootstrapVue to compile it together with Vue.
  • CSS Framework

    Tailwind CSS (new)
    This is a new framework I love working on right now. It has no components, no forms and no UI. So what's good about it? Everything! It is a utility based framework which means you don't have to write a single CSS class with it. You can build your components however you want. You don't have to overwrite existing components cause, it doesn't have any. This site is built with Tailwind CSS.
  • CSS Preprocessor

    I love this. You can define variables and write for loops when building a css file. AMAZING. I usually use sass if I am customizing a default bootstrap layout. It is way easier and cleaner to re-build a whole bootstrap css rather than creating a new file to overwrite the default bootstrap css.
  • PHP Framework

    For building full-scale web application, this is the chosen one. It has a really powerful templating engine called blade. As a bonus, it has vue installed out of the box! Wee.